When it comes to seeking a job overseas, candidates sit on the horns of a dilemma. There is always the worry of being cheated by an agent representing a foreign employer, or are often worried of being cheated by an overseas employer who really does not even exist. Often agents misguide and manipulate paperwork in order to procure a visa, charging huge fees for the services.NOSTOPS offers tools and resources to fill this value gap. Here is a peek into ‘NOSTOPSjourney of a decade (2004-2014)- its initiatives & accomplishments, - from over a decade.


  • NOSTOPS founded in April of 2004.
  • Joined forces with Rediff and started the American work visa related open Q& A series that continued to operate till 2007: http://www.nostops.org/media-2/
  • Answered queries from ‘stranded’ individuals and victims of abuse (employer issues, immigration / visa issues.
  • Published book “American Work Permit - Official Rules & Regulations of American work visas”
  • Liaison with Department of Labor, and Department of Justice Officials to provide evidence of visa misuse.
  • Testified against work visa program abuse and met with the Senator’s and policy makers at Capitol Hill, Washington DC to show evidence of how there was large-scale recruitment fraud.
  • Initiated regular updates on the website (www.nostops.org/) about fraudulent activities to alert Indian workers seeking foreign employment.

Whistleblower activities

  • Collected employment contracts from existing & new members to verify labor law compliance,
  • Vetted these employment offers & employment contracts for labor/immigration law compliance,
  • Identified fraudulent terms and conditions,
  • Reported these violations with the DOL and DOJ officials.

Outcome of whistleblower activities: - Conviction, arrest and foreclosure of bogus shell companies.





Whistleblower activities

  • Inspected NOSTOPS members’ employment contracts from American staffing agencies willing to sponsor a work visa irrespective of a job.
  • Shared these contracts internally with American partner organizations and vetted for correctness.
  • Fraud was identified and employment contracts leading to labor bondage and promissory sums upwards of lakhs of rupees were documented.


  • Commissioned a ‘Migration Studies’ program in in partnership with a leading Law School at Pune, India.
  • Monitored online job posts seeking H-1B applicants only bypassing local talent as well as existing unemployed H-1B workers. Found out that American employers were posting job ads in Indian career portals targeting Indian workers, excluding American workers as well as the benched existing H-1b visa holders present in America to even apply for these jobs in America.
  • Documented and communicated the findings with American tech worker partner organizations and a series of media stories were commissioned to bring awareness to these issues of bypassing local talent and creating segregation of workers both foreign guest workers as well as local citizens.
  • Media coverage:
  • Rediff - Want a job Overseas? Beware Of Fraud - http://www.rediff.com/getahead/2009/aug/28career-overseas-job-beware-of-fraud.htm


  • Worked with the State Dept & Homeland Agency Officials to monitor and report fraudulent activities on job portals.
  • Media coverage:
  • Huffington Post - Going Political, not Postal - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/donna-conroy/going-political–-not-pos_b_511585.html
  • Explained to the work visa policy stakeholders that include legislative aides of senators and other subject matter experts on migration policy and the State dept officials at DHS and DOJ as well as to the journalists and reports, the ease in sponsoring and pushing fraudulent workers from India using the H1B and L1 visa programs



  • Monitored fraudulent online job postings by American employers targeting Indian job seekers on Indian job boards and excluding American workers and the benched existing H-1b visa holders present in America
  • Communicated the findings with American tech worker partner organizations and a series of media stories were commissioned to bring awareness to these issues of bypassing local talent and creating segregation of workers both foreign guest workers as well as local citizens.



  • Feb 2014, awarded the Karmaveer Chakra Puraskar for Social Justice by International Confederation Of NGOs.
  • Partnerships with Programmers Guild and Washington Tech Alliance over a professional labor boycott against Manpower, IBM and Infosys
  • Hidden Abroad: Manpower’s Want Ads Reveal ‘No Americans Need Apply’ For Upcoming Jobs In Fiscal Year 2015,” - http://www.nostops.org/HiddenAbroad.pdf
  • Released a joint Press Release to boycott employers against wage discrimination
  • Media coverage:
  • Blog on Times Of India - Titled “Green Carrot” - http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/green-carrot-americas-work-visa-crisis/
  • Indian Hustle: How Fraudsters Prey on Would-be US Tech Workers - CNN Report , Global Post and 40 other media - http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1095562
  • U.S tech worker groups boycott Infosys, IBM and Manpower - Business Standard, India Abroad, The Hindu, Computer World and 74 other news channels - http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/us-tech-worker-groups-boycott-infosys-ibm-manpower-114060300681_1.html
  • From techies in India to software slaves in US

PROVE - Professional Registry of Verified Employees (www.proveit.in) was launched on October 2nd, 2015 with an aim to Arrest the rampant global labor fraud. PROVE is a property of NOSTOPS - The National Organisation for Software and Technology Professionals. (www.nostops.org)

In May 2014, three American tech advocacy groups, Bright Future Jobs, Programmers Guild, and Washtech announced a professional labor boycott against Manpower, IBM and Infosys stemming from a pattern and practice of excluding US workers from job openings on US soil. Interestingly, Indian tech advocacy group NOSTOPS is supporting them. The boycott will continue until these companies demonstrate employment practices that follow Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) laws prohibiting race, gender, age and national origin discrimination. (Source: Business Standard - US tech worker groups boycott Infosys, IBM, Manpower). ”

The press release went online on the June 2, 2014 and was covered by 46 news channels in 6 countries by June 6th, confirming the belief that workers across borders sought relief from corruption and recruitment fraud.

An earlier blog, Solidarity in a global labor market, spoke to bring about such a collective bargaining.

This time around, however, the boycott was a clear indication of an intend to bridge the gap between local as well as foreign workers. It was “a call for attention”, to restore EEO. While the American tech advocacy groups sought inclusive hiring for jobs on their soil,, The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS) in India sought to bring attention to the entrapment of foreign workers due to labor bondage and brokerage of their salaries, identified as a prime reason for their lowered salaries. The guest workers, however had other reasons for the boycott too -

  • - America’s ‘Staffing only’ firms, can also sponsor a work visa for a citizen from abroad. In terms of recruitment, the term ’employer’ therefore is ambiguous and misleading for a worker in India, to whom the complexity of ‘dual employment’ overseas are largely unknown.
  • American Work Visa sponsors bind their sponsored employee via elaborate employment contracts, prohibiting them the freedom to find work elsewhere.
  • The Brokerage of Intellectual Capital drives down wages, and foreign guest workers are often underpaid. Multiple layers of broker agencies, that earn a per hour commission of their visa sponsored employee creates a grey market. Large scale grey market with invisible recruitment happening online to poach workers in India is a growing concern.
  • America’s work visas are used for temporary labor and very few sponsored guest workers gain permanent residency. No data on the H-1B work visa petitions converted to Green Card is available with the government.
  • American employers gain competitive advantage and profitability by labor arbitrage – by paying low to their sponsored workers, and bidding high to their clients. Local workers are thereby, excluded from the job market. Importing foreign workers to make them a commodity and using them as products of labor violates their human rights.
  • Experienced foreign guest workers already present in The Americas - those that need to be paid the prevailing wage at par with their gained American work experience, are replaced by fresh-off-the-boat new hires. Unemployed and benched experienced guest workers therefore are at alarmingly high numbers.
  • Because of binding employment contracts by companies, employees abandon their employers upon arrival into The Americas. Companies therefore request visa petitions in large numbers and ‘bank’ visas . Approved work visa holders sitting in India looking for a job in The Americas is evident via online discussion boards.

Would the Visa lottery thereby prove the existence of such banking of visas, that excludes India’s experienced workers from being petitioned for visas by American firms directly ?

A vast majority of American companies that advertise for local jobs on Indian career sites and Linkedin groups are in the temp staffing arena where they don’t have jobs but attempt to fill their client’s jobs. This being a very competitive space, the company that can submit the most qualified candidates are likely to then receive approval from the client to place one or more of these workers. In essence, the temp staffing agencies need a wider pool of qualified candidates to present to their clients.

These temp staffing companies rely heavily on their good reputation among technical professionals to agree to be submitted for a potential contract. Because they are in the business of attracting foreign workers for a potential sale to their client companies in their country, it becomes very important for workers to arm themselves with a credible professional portfolio.

With the recent boycott to end employment discrimination via such fraudulent want ads, the competition for the H1B visa will be even fiercer as companies have already begun seeking H-1B visa applications for FY 2016. Please refer the article – Indian Hustle: How Fraudsters Prey on Would-be US Tech Workers..(Source: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1095562)

And as the demand for foreign workers will increase, the process of supplying this demand in the shortest possible time will therefore be critical for companies dependent on Indian labor.

So whether it is a job seeker that needs to verify an employment offer made by a foreign employer or the recruiter overseas that questions job seekers professional experience in India, the continued challenge lies in allowing the best match to happen between two sides that are saturated with fraud. How best can we restore Equal Employment Opportunity yet keeping open the doors to immigration?

Keeping stride with the economic benefits caused by labor displacement in a fast paced global economy, we at NOSTOPS believe, minimizing our exposure to fraud lies at the root of the debate on labor mobility.

We believe, the answer lies in creating an open transparent system where workers are sought by employers globally, against them being pushed by greedy corporate from India.

Imagine an open transparent repository of skilled workers that are clean, verified, and void of broker fraud. Imagine a flawless transition in bondage free employment contract with wages paid equal to or above the local wages that are in lieu with the rule of the foreign land.

Can we continue to fantasize on behalf of foreign employers participating in such an open employment that is void of employee fraud?

Would an open registry of verified worker profiles therefore be the solution?

This is the membership process

Step 1 : To be considered for our memberships, first create a basic profile on www.proveit.in

Step 2 : Remit your membership dues. (See membership types.) Pay against invoice.

    How to recieve invoice -
  • a) Visit www.proveit.in/membership.php and click on relevant membership type. Invoice will be automatically be sent to your email.
  • b) Go to your email inbox to recieve invoice pdf
  • c) Invoice contains NOSTOPS bank account details. Payments must be made through NEFT / RTGS via any Indian Nationalised Bank only. Foreign remittances are not acceptable.

Step 3 : Recieve the Candidate Information Form from us via email. (CIF. with the relevant details to be furnished )

Step 4 : Submit your completed CIF and scans of supporting documents in one single zip file

Step 5 : Take the Foreign Employment Suitability Test – Assessment tool to evaluate your preparedness for foreign employment.

Step 6 : Your previous employment (work history. will be verified

Step 7 : Your verified professional identity will be updated on PROVE – our Open Registry for employers to contact you directly

Step 8 : Your verified resume will be submitted to our database of overseas recruiters

Step 9 : Schedule employer interviews

Step 10 : Receive job offers, employment contracts / agreements

Step 11 : You submit received employment offers / contracts /agreements to our legal experts for prevailing immigration and labor law compliance

Step 12 : Schedule Visa Interview at Consulate

Please visit the membership faqs on www.proveit.in for more details.

At NOSTOPS, we equip you with Knowledge, Opportunities, Awareness and Security

To put it simply, we are your partners in your overseas dream. We are a community, driven to provide you the right information at the right time from the right people so that you make an informed and insightful decision and keep the track of your career updated and well-run. Since 2004, we have successfully enabled over a million NOSTOPS members achieve their dreams overseas.

With members counting million plus, NOSTOPS is not just the story of networking alone. It is about extracting career resources which were always available but not accessible to you.You might find job listings, education and employment opportunities cataloged on various social networking sites. But what you do not find is the answer to your grievances. One page of FAQs and opportunity updates might not satisfy your queries or even raise your level of uncertainty. And there we come to rescue you.

We understand that everybody is not dealing with the same set of confusions and career chaos. So, we are not limited to providing parallel answers to your difficulty but extend a customized hand to every individual’s challenges and necessities.

Membership with NOSTOPS is aimed at expanding the bandwidth of foreign employment seekers with zero broker intervention. With the membership at NOSTOPS, you can-

1) Stay updated with the latest policy reforms of Country Specific Immigration & Visa Certification. Know what amendment to which law should concern you the most.

2) Receive personal mentoring sessions directly from the experts of the field. You can ask them anything and everything.

3) Access the ‘Foreign Recruiters and Visa Sponsors Directly with Job Openings’

  • Connect directly with half a million employers around the world who sponsor work visas from six countries without the intervention of broker agents or fraud agencies.
  • We connect you directly with employer overseas and upgrade your chances of joining a reliable career. We find you jobs with employers who sponsor work visas for Foreign Nationals. This way you can easily apply to companies that have and are willing to sponsor work visas throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe and India. (To know more – Read our interview in CNN -‘ Indian hustle: How fraudsters prey on would-be US tech workers ’)

4) Take the ‘Foreign Employment Suitability Test’

A scientifically designed test that will do a psychometric analysis of your personality and conduct an overall assessment of your abilities. This gives your overseas employers a good idea about your overall personality and they can easily judge that you are a match for them. In short, we save the time and trouble both for you and your future employers.

(Read our blog in the Times of India – ‘Recruitment Fraud – Time to Look beyond Resumes’)

5) Ask for a ‘Foreign Employer Verification Report’

You already have a job offer abroad. What Next? Before you seal the contracts, you must research the inside information about the proposed employer. And this is exactly what our membership provides you. We bring you the knowledge of the required employer with their complete government database. We make sure that you do not fall prey to the immigration scams and recruitment fraud.

“We deliver- Commitment.” (To know more -Read our cover story in Business Week news - ‘America’s High-Tech Sweatshops’)

6) Get your Resume Verified

Having difficulties drafting your resume? Don‘t worry! Our team of experts will verify your employment history and work experience documents suitable for the job you’re applying overseas. Please note that more than 90% of people fail to get a job because of an un reliable resume. We do not just market your resume we create a holistic approach right from vetting your work history, to creating a verified profile on PROVE, to marketing the profile to the right recruiters.

7) Labor Contract Validation

Just because you have received your job offer documents, your life at overseas won’t get easier. What if your employment agreement contract with your employer is not as per the laws of the respective country? What if the terms of the contract are not in favor of your personal growth in the far-off land?

A membership at NOSTOPS takes care of all such worries. Before you step on the foreign land, we make sure you are aware and secured of the laws of the land you are getting yourself on.

(To know more – Read our cover story in Business Week news ’ ‘America’s High-Tech Sweatshops’)

8.) Receive Immigration And Visa Related Counseling Services.

Once all the documentations fall into places, we make certain that your further journey must be a hassle-free one. We connect you to the Immigration experts who are legal practitioners of foreign labor as well as immigration laws who in turn assure the laws to fall in your goodwill column.

9) Other Membership Benefits

All NOSTOPS members continue to receive freebies from our corporate business partners from time to time which includes but is not limited to - Investment tools and financial advice from our partner - Kotak Mahindra Bank, a FREE Reliance World SIM, etc and an ever increasing plethora from our ecosystem partners.

Our vision is to cultivate a safe and circular migration for you globally and we’re excited to welcome you on-board!